Sunday, January 14, 2007

Vote for the Butterfly!

My sister is an Artist, and quite good, really.
And this year El Comercio, the biggest newspaper in Peru, is making a big poll about a lot of stuff, but in the art section they selected 5 artists to vote for. One is an old "Sacred Cow" called Fernando de Szyszlo, and 4 more, one of these is my sister, Patricia Villanueva.
As I said, she is good, but the real point is that I would love to see her score more than an old figure (and I really don't like that much Szyszlo).

So please go vote for her, HERE, she is in the 4 question, opcion C.


Amigos, Patty esta en el poll de fin de año del Comercio, entre otros 5 artistas incluyendo a Szyszlo. A ver si la apoyan votando por ella, si?
AQUI esta el poll, ella esta en la cuarta pregunta, opcion C.

Go Patty Go!

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