Monday, January 22, 2007

drawing evolution...

...without drawing.

Have it happened to you?

You know, you love to draw, but you start to do other stuff, working in the computer, graphic design, nothing of illustration.
But you missed it, so, one day, maybe a year after your last serious drawing, you pick your pencil... doodle a little, wake up your sleepy fingers, and start drawing.
And then you realize, your drawing have changed!
The style, the line... in some mysterious way while you where away from the paper, your style keept changing, like if your brain was drawing in a different dimension all this time.

Sadly a lot of time have to happen between drawings so you can really appreciate the phenomenon, and the fact that I'm aware of it and commenting about testify of how long, in different periods of my life, I have been unable to draw.

I really want to change that.
New year resolution? I don't think so, just a need.

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