Sunday, December 31, 2006

What's in my coffee?

Ok, the story goes like this:

Is 31 of December, we had breakfast, and I went out to do some stuff.
I come back and Sol (my wife) tells me:

- I was going to wash your cup when I saw this...

And then she shows me the cup, without coffee, but with the stains at the bottom... mmm... there is a shape down there...

- Look closer!

No way!
Now I'm supposed to do a Chapel or something here?
Because, you know, I mean, is just too obvious, don't you think?

Meet the Virgen of the Coffee.

Now, I'm not specially religious, and I know that is just a stain that looks like the Virgin (choose your flavor!).
But well, is the last day of the year, and signs like this... what can I say?
Make one feel better about the future, don't you think?

Have a good 2007, everybody!


Patricia Villanueva said...

I was there, i saw her. What can i say.....con pliegues del vestido y todo......
make the chapel and charge a buck!

Ian Leader said...

Is this really a virgin? I guess it depends what you're looking for - to me, it's more of an amoeba than a virgin.

Is this the foundation the Roman Catholic church is built on ;-)

choco said...

Pues dependiendo de la perspectiva, la distancia y el enfoque se pueden apreciar varias instancias de la virginal aparición; es como una de esas figuras fractales en las que, al amplificar cierto punto, se puede ver otra figura dentro. Así pues, me parece que a cierta distancia se aprecia la cara de la Virgen rodeada con un aura de poder (muy al estilo de la animación japonesa). Un poco más cerca y, de inmediato, se nota la silueta de cuerpo entero. Es mi teoría que, de seguir aumentando el 'zoom' con el que miramos, probablemente presenciaríamos algunas otras instancia de esta interesante hipóstasis que se sucitó el 31 de diciembre de 2006 Anno Domini.

a said...

haha, its jjust beautiful!
so did you wash teh cup in the end or e is it saved?. it realy looks like a virgin. :)