Friday, December 15, 2006

Merry Christmas!

to all!

This is the finished illustration/photo editing.
The printed version have a different format, but the image is the same.
Hope you like it.

And now linked to this week IF theme: Peace.

Have a great time!


Makita said...


Feliz Navidad! :)

Patricia Villanueva said...

La Lola!!!!..... thats my god daughter!... simply beautiful!

emila said...

Very beautiful!

studio lolo said...

oooh, such a beautiful illustration!

Michelle said...

You do beautiful work!

potatomamma said...

Very neat compositing there! Beautiful, nostalgic style for Christmas! Greetings, and Happy New Year,

georg said...

Wonderful image and greetings to you too - Happy Newyear/Godt Nytår from Denmark - georg