Monday, November 27, 2006

IF: Invention

The Egg Matic XT

Is coming to your home, to your kitchen!
Ever wanted fresh eggs, like in the old farm?
Now you can!

With the new Egg Matic XT TM your kitchen never will be the same.
Just program the hen to do the eggs you need (until 6 in one order), and wait for really fresh eggs.

But not only that!
The EM XT allows you to have your eggs as you really like!
Double yolk? Check!
Low on Cholesterol? Check!
Already with salt (you lazy!)? Check!

The EM supply cartridges gives you up to two dozen normal eggs, and a unit prize as low as the market, but in you OWN kitchen!

But don't fear, these are NOT fake eggs, they are 100% real.

But how that can be? You sure ask.

Well, thanks to science, we eliminated all parts of the Hen not needed to egg production, and cloned only the egg producing biological elements, encased them in a safe containment unit and feed it with the nutrients needed for your eggs (and to keep the system running, of course). Since we feed the elements for the final product, is possible to change the nutrients balance in the egg, and have it custom made to your taste.

Some clinics even use the EM Medical Edition to create eggs with special dietary supplements, like antibiotics and vitamins.

So, what are you waiting?
The future is here, and your eggs too!

Next, Milk as you never tasted...

[I really think that sooner or later, something like this is going to exist, brace yourselves]


rostolaza said...

Habia olvidado la gallina esta... verdad que es muy divertida!
y ahora viene la Vaca?

Emila Yusof said...

Good idea! Great job!

Michelle Lana said...

cute! great illo!

neilornstein said...

very clever

tusen said...

oh my, that's scary :D I do like the illustration and the ad

Jeannette said...


Patricia Villanueva said...

creeeepy in a funny way...
"we eliminated all parts of the Hen not needed to egg production"---