Thursday, August 03, 2006


Expanding on my last comment on the last post, from some time I was looking for something to do for Olivia's room.
Ideas come and go, but nothing really exciting.
Until Sol (my wife), looking at my illustration of the Dragon and Unicorn, had the idea of doing a series of mythological animals for the baby!
I loved the idea.

The concept is a series of little illustration in a circular format, to be framed in the same shape.
Not big, maybe 30cm/12inch diameter maximun, plus the frame.

After some thinking, we selected 6 creatures:

• Dragon
• Phenix
• Griphyn
• Minotauro
• Pegasus
• Mermaid

So now I'm sketching and researching.
I suppose that all my future posts will be following the myths illustrations progress.

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Mostrok said...

Not a centaur? anyway it is going to be great!