Monday, July 31, 2006

Clean sketch

Ok, I'm really, really thinking of painting this one.
So I'm going to be a bad boy a link to this again if is finished on time.

The big flying eye is there just for the sketch, is not going to be part of the finished illo.

Some extra info: she is standing on water, and the little bubbles from the soap at her hands become the helpful flying eyes.
And yes, I was inspired on part on Botticelli's Venus for this scene.
She is a character I'm developing based on my baby daughter.


Well, this is a much finished and final drawing...

Sadly, I think it will be the last, at least for now. I don't think I'll have time to have it ready before friday, AND my wife just gave me an idea for a series of little illustrations for my baby's room.
And like any new idea, I have to start it now! I wil be doing what she suggested, and posting the drawings and concepts and advances here, in my blog. And if they fit in some remote way with I-F, they will be linked.

My wife's idea?
Mythological animals!
Too good to let it pass. Is going to be fun!


Rrramone said...

You should, it's really nice!

JO said...

Can't wait for you to finish, although this is a wonderful drawing.

murphy girl said...

but i like the big flying eye!

bill zeman said...

yeah I want to see it painted too - looks great

Lhuis said...

uh uh uh!

i like the style!

BGOZ said...

The eye's from the bubbles a great idea. I really like your pencils, but would also like to see it painted as well.


Patricia Villanueva said...


JulPer said...

Me gusta tu estilo, felicitaciones por un hermoso dibujo.

Sería bueno verlo en color

Mostrok said...

Olivia! mostro!!!
y lo de los animales mitologicos.. ya quiero ver al minotauro transformado a tu estilo!


Christine Lim Simpson said...

I like your character here. Keep us update with this illo. I have faith it's gonna look beautiful in colour for your baby's room.

jmanu said...

Está muy tierna y muy original
Se nota que tienes un estilo propio muy definido