Saturday, June 03, 2006

IF: Portrait

This week I wasn't going to participate, the theme is not a strong one in me.
However, for unrelated reasons, I had to do this:

My wife is giving History of Art lessons, and as a homework for the group they have to do a self portrait in some of the styles they saw. So Sol (my wife-the teacher) wanted an example for the kids.
There comes me.
I took a picture of our wedding and used it as a template to do a quick version of it in Art Nouveau, Mucha style. Just a little more than 2 hours to do it.

Is not perfect, but is the only thing I have to post this week.


enandrews said...

your linework rocks, colour too, i was wondering whether this is digital?

el Dodo Purpura said...

Yes man, is all digital.
Line worked in one layer over a photo, color in other.
The borders are vector in freehand and pasted in another layer.
Glad you liked it!

Patricia Villanueva said...

me encaaaaannnnntaaaaaaaa