Thursday, January 07, 2010


New year, and not new year resolutions...

I'm a little scared about this year, is a Tiger year... I read somewhere that is supposed to be a weak tiger due to the combination of the year element and the tiger element. I think I will thank that. But more investigation is needed. Anyway, I'm Monkey... also Sol (my wife) and monkeys are like... oposites of tiger... so that scares me a little.

This last year wasn't bad, but wasn't specially good neither.
I need a good year.

Well, actually we started buying some nice art for the home, a big framed Cherman silkscreen from his last show, loved it.
And just before Christmas Maricel gave us her 3 framed photographs, they also look fantastic on the living room.

fuck, is hot today...

Olivia started tennis clases this week, and so far she is loving it.

I think that I do have a new year resolution, kind of:

I'll try to finish old projects.

That is a long list of things to do. Fucking long.
But I already started, I'm painting again my dwarf munny, and is going well.
I also (an this one is hard, and tricky) started reading my story Demonios! with the idea of -at least- continuing writing it.

As I said, the list of unfinished projects is long, so no more for now, baby steps.

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