Saturday, May 23, 2009

not MIA, and what I was doing all this time...

My poor Crónicas blog it's been left aside all this time. That saddens me, really, but I wasn't idle.

My wife Sol and I have been busy planning and starting a little side business, based in origami, flowers and all related stuff of use for baby showers, bride showers, birthdays, etc.

We are just starting, and while Soligami's blog it's been online for a while, we are just going to make it really public, this weekend if all goes right. It's time.

Soligami is a local business, that means in Lima, Peru, so all that blog is in spanish. Is not planned for international business, but maybe if you really want something from it, we could work something out.

Take a look, I'll love to have some feedback from you guys.

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Mostrok said...

La verdad es que los felicito a los dos... todo se ve genial... y mucho más en vivo y en directo...