Monday, November 24, 2008

Naranjas / Oranges final

Is finished.

Some straight hours, until 3am, did the trick.

As I said before, is all tempera.
First time in years that I do complete illustration in tempera, and boy, how I enjoyed it!
I like watercolors a lot, but they really don't match my way of thinking when illustrating, tempera does, completely. 
I can go up and down on the colors/saturation scale, with no problem.

Now I have to do something really challenging, I have some images in my head walking around...

Other thing I love of this, is that you can work small with tempera, and do a lot of fine detail. Like the old illuminated manuscripts, that I love.

I will post a picture of the "de Naranjas" label on the marmalade bottle when ready.

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