Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas card text update

No picture this time.

Just a couple of lines to tell you, my lonely reader, that the card is going well. I'm finishing the mini RC car that is part of the group, I guess it will be ready tomorrow.

Actually, I'm advancing more than expected because I changed my work hours... I'm getting up at 6am to work for at least 45 minutes each morning before starting the day. Is not much, but working at night after coming from work is almost impossible this days.
And I kind of like working at this hour, is quiet, and the little girl is still sleeping.

Of course now I'm falling asleep at the office.


Mostrok said...

bueno... pero siempre puedes subir por una taza de cafe... por lo menos hasta que arregle la bici.

Mostrok said...

Por cierto... la dosis normal debe ser algo de una o dos tasas al dia... claro que yo me tomo como 3 litros en promedio y aun no muero