Monday, May 05, 2008

Super Sculpey vs Sculpey Firm

I'm doing a side by side comparison between Super Sculpey and the new Sculpey Firm.
For that I'm creating a pair of weird creatures, aprox the same size, like 3x3x3 cm. So not really big.

No pictures yet, but soon.

For now, my first impressions.

SS is very nice, I like it a lot. Even with the weird feeling I have while working it. Is soft, and part of me think is too soft, and is going to melt, or fall apart, or deform under its own weight. Of course nothing of that happens, but that is the feeling I have. SO is great, but is taking me a little time to get used to it.
But the big problem I have with SS, and what made me try SF, is the color.
Well, not exactly the color, but the slight translucency it have. I usually work in small formats, and that translucency is a problem. Is very hard to see, for example, my fingerprints, or small irregularities in the surface. I did some very basic shapes to test the material at first, and not until I base coated it, I noticed a lot of details that I didn't want.

On the other hand, SF was created thinking in solving exactly those problems, or at least that is what the box says. The 50% gray color shows without problems my fingerprints and all the other little things I want to avoid, and I can fix before baking. And is soft, but no so soft. I can work with it as easily as SS, but I don't have that weird feeling I described.
For now, Looks like SF is more my style, but I'm just starting to know both, so that last word is far from said.

I'll keep you posted, and I'll try to post pictures of my creatures soon.

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