Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sculpey creatures

Well, continuing on my Sculpey saga...
After baking at the same time both little creatures, and waiting to be at the office to be able to take pictures (the batteries of my camera at home died after 4 years), here I'm. thing... I felt that the SF hardened quickly once out of the oven, but I have no proof of that.

Actually, I had to take the pictures twice... why? well...
SS and its translucency is a problem to the autofocus of the camera. SF been flat grey is ok, no problems there.

As you can see in the pictures, the SS creature have like a "glow", is hard to see clearly the details.
Now, as I said, these are small sculpts, 3.5 to 4 cm (1.5 inches).

Don't try to get much sense for the creatures, they don't have a head yet, so they are really weird.

No much more to say, really for now.


Calpurnio said...

Ooooo... eerie...
ta divertido el coso-pez.. y la otra gosa? yaggoth-thot IA-IA?
sorry. pero toy de boleto... faltan 26 horas para speed racer!

plasma said...

i love your blog! :)
sorry for my bad english but i have a question concerning the baking of sculpey (or similar).
i custom some qee/munny i work with baking and the plastic of this toys?
if i make something with ss or sculpey and add to toys if i want to bake the ss, i'll melt also the plastic of the toys!!
how i can solve this problem?

please reply!i'm crazing with this problem!!

Raúl said...

Well, I think the only way is to sculpt the SS and bake it separated. There is no way you can bake it it plastic parts attached. The plastic, as you say, is going to melt and make a mess.
Maybe you can bake the part and then sand it to fit exactly.
However, to do something like you want, I wouldn't use SS, I would use "green putty".

I can comment more about this, but maybe directly by email?
And by the way, If not english, what?
My main language is Spanish...

Rafael said...

Hola Hermanito,

Cuando no haciendo cosas interesantes, me gusta ver como sigues disipando la presion que ejercen tus ideas en tus neuronas, me gusta mucho.... saludos desde este lado del mundo y cuidense mucho



Plasma said...

thank you for the fast and very well reply!! :)

i'm italian guy, so i speak only italian (similar to spanish...but not the same!!) and bad english!
if you want reply to my question or speak about sculpting i leave you my email:

normanbeats[@] (erase the [ ])

thank you for the reply...i'm thinking that i must to bake SS without the toy...sigh...
but for green putty do you mean the "green stuff"?a particular resin used to sculpt warhammer's correct?

regards :)