Friday, April 11, 2008

about time, perfection an failure.

I don't have much time to do personal work.
I paint an sculpt and draw by minutes, stolen between home chores and office work.
And that's kind of Ok now, one do what one can with the time.
However there is a consequence, there is little time to experiment, because to experiment you need to try, and to make mistakes, and to fail. And that means start again, and see how it goes this time...
But, since there is not time to experiment, and one try to squeeze all the possible value to the little time, one expect that the thing one is doing is perfect at the first -and probably only- try.
And that is obviously impossible.
Even trying to replace the experimentation process in real life with simulated experimentation in the mind, like in a computer simulation program, the results are not going to be the same. The mind can be fantastic, however creating an unexpected result base in unknown factors is kind of impossible... maybe dreaming?
So I see all this fantastic work in the web, vinyl toys, illustrations... and I know that the process to all this is long, and full of mistakes, and changes... awesome process...
...that I don't have time to have. Then I try to jump directly to the final piece.
I'm so destined to fail!

So if you have little, little and fragmented time, in what should you focus it?
just exploring, experimenting without a clear focus? lots of fun... but to do it you need more continuos time, to "flow"
Plan a project, and process it until it end? Leaving all other stuff aside... and with the risk of getting bored, saturated.
or what?

...I'm tired now, maybe I'll continue this rant other day.

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Calpurnio said...

Diria que empieces por un proyecto y lo avances hasta que te satures... cuando te satures agarra el siguiente que venga a mano... y asi...

tienes tantos empezados que no te faltarna alternativas... y cuando hayas descansado rergesa la primero hasta terminarlo...

Si juegas solo con pruebas te vas a hartar de no tener resultado concreto...