Thursday, March 20, 2008

Trapos / Scrump

My daughter, Olivia, is a BIG fan of Lilo & Stitch.
I'm nor exaggerating when I say that she easily have seen the movie 50 times.
So we decided to make a trapos / scrump for her in her third birthday.
Because, as you obviously know, that doll is extremely rare and hard to find.

Is not ready yet, but here you can see some images of the process...

I'm doing the pattern, but the actual sewing and cutting and all the rest is being done by Sol, my wife.
Here you can see her hands in action!

This is the first prototype in a generic fabric.
We need to fatten it a little more, the head have to change also, the next cutting pattern should be the final one, her birthday is next week!

I'll keep you posted.


Mah Desrosiers said...

Do you MAKE this 'doll' ?


Calpurnio said...

uuuHHH.... crafty parents... ENVYyyyyy... Oli se va a morir!!!