Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Elepez final

IF: Open

The Frog King of the Sky was open to suggestions about what to ride to the big King of the Elelements Meeting, but he was really surprised when his adviser, the Avetuga, suggested the Old Elepez Matriarch as a ride.
But after thinking a little, he agreed.
Now he is sure to cause an impression at his arrival.

Sadly, I can't participate in the show... Not in the USA, and plan to hang this in my daughter room.

If you want to see a series of WIP images, go to the main page of the blog, you can see from sketch to this finished illo there.

UPDATE: Picture of the Elepez frammed and hanging in my daughter's room, below.


This is a quick picture taken this morning to use natural light.
Not the best photo in the world, but will have to do.

I'm happy with it, is the first big illustration in years that I do.
Size: 52x36 cm / 20.5x14 inches
Winsor & Newton watercolors, Faber Castell PITTs for the lines and some white gouache for lights and details.

I really hope you like it.

The image is big, so click it if you want to see it with more detail.
The plan is to frame it and hang it in my daughter's room.
Maybe I'll update this with a picture when ready.

Well, updated.
Olivia likes it a lot!

Now, is really over.
Next, time to start thinking about the Christmas card. Zero ideas so far.


Ms. Amy said...

Um. Wow. Seriously. GORGEOUS.

Teri C said...

Oh gosh, it's gorgeous!!

kdhamel said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love all the WIP you posted for this also. Too bad, I would have voted for this!

delaverobum said...

Magic, special, precious !!!!

Cathie said...

wow, very nice. lots of imagination in this. nice work

Kimberly Robello said...

This is incredible! Your details and ideas are fabulous!

J Duhard said...

Magical! I absolutely love the contrast between the elephant and fish, and how you have fused them together. Very creative!

-J.Meyer said...

Positivly Beautiful! Wonderfuly Creative!
(and yes i love it too ;)

What a great combination of animals and its so lovingly done.

I would have voted for it!

Josh (musarter) said...

Holy Cr@p! that is all I can say.

Julie Hammond said...

Fantabulous! You have got a gift!

juju said...

Wow. Absolutely beautiful! I imagine your daughter will wonder and make up all sorts of stories about the adventure. Very special indeed.

janie said...

Like it? I love it, magical fantastical, beautiful, incredable. Are these characters part of a book you're writing or illustrating, 'cause they're too brilliant for a one off.Did I mention that I love them!!

Nicole said...

such beautiful detail! :)