Tuesday, August 28, 2007


6:45 -wake up, take a shower, help Sol with Olivia
7:30 -start making breakfast
8:00 -take Olivia to school, walk Jack (the dog) to the park, Sol takes a long walk, I go back home with Jack.
8:35 -get ready and drive Nikita (my scooter) to work
9:00-1:00 -work
1:00-2:30 -lunch -draw a little, yeah baby!-

2:30-6:30 -work
6:30 -drive home
7:00-9:30 -play with Olivia, have some dinner
9:30-10:10 -walk Jack to the park
10:15 -try to make Olivia sleep
10:40 -work on Elepez, maybe for half an hour or a little more.
11:30 -fall dead-sleep on bed, until tomorrow...

That is a typical week day, on weekends the thing is not much different, so in one week, if all goes well, I can work on personal projects for like 7 or 8 hours, in small chunks.
I'm starting to really use that time, is hard, sometimes I'm really tired and sleepy before starting to paint, but painting is intoxicating, it gives me energy and awakes me. 

If I keep doing this, who knows, maybe I will finish something and stop doing just sketchs.
And Olivia will have something done for her father in her room.

I'll post some WIP as soon as I get  my camera back, is too big to scan.

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