Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long gone, back & news

It's been loooong since my last post.
I just didn't have time to write, and less to draw or anything related to Cronicas.

But I took last week off, vacations, holiday... free time, just not working, and not sitting in front of the computer.
And I used that time to enjoy my Fathers day gift: a new work space.
We decided that since the studio is computer related and soon to be also a gest room, I needed a space for my hobbies stuff, that are usually paint/glue/dremer/powertools and dirty related.
So, a little room that was used as a storage room got selected for the rasformation.
A visit to the local hardware store and i was ready to drill and cut and sweat and curse to the process.

But victory was my reward!

Is not totally ready yet, I'm in the process to gather all my stuff and organize it.
But I'm happy, and looking forward for a time to use the space and create... what? I have no real idea now. But something always come from the mad doctor lab.

So, here a quick picture.
Is a small space, but is mine, I did it, and I like it.

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Anonymous said...

Sips... looks good... y sobre todo luego de las anectodas constructivas... jejeje buen trabajo!