Friday, March 16, 2007


I post drawings, illustrations, fun stuff, work in progress, and other things here...
But something that I don't post here, is my writing.

In good part because I haven't wrote in years!
But I do have stuff to show, is just a lot of text...
So I decided to start a new blog, one only dedicated to a particular unfinished book called "Demonios!" (Demons!).
The plan is to make me write more, maybe finish it, if people read it and, well, like it.
No point in finishing a bok nobody likes, don't you think?

Is called Cronicas de Zul, and is totally in spanish, because I'm not going to translate a complete book!
So, if you read spanish, and like weird fantasy-sf stories, go there, read, and comment.

I can really use your opinion.


1 comment:

Ramon said...

At laaast! after sooo many years...
this was requesting a Blog... yes... count me Raul... I'll be reading it.