Thursday, March 15, 2007


Somebody asked me for a mermaid, to be used as a tattoo...
And for some reason, I agreed.

However, I have little time now, so is a nice project that is going slowly. To give to it more time, is an illustration that I will use to try some new variation of techniques.
So it can end been anything.

Here the first sketch that have some sense.
It need a lot of work yet, but I like the general movement and body pose.

Some background about my mermaids:
First of all, they are NOT human with a fish tail. They are a totally different species, with important differences with us.
They reproduce by laying eggs, those are kept in a nursery, and after they are born, they breast feed, but not necessarily by their real mother.
If you look closely, you can see a belly button, but only female mermaids have it, and is really the place from which the egg is laid. Only one, big egg.
There is no nose in the face, and the ears are weird.

There are more, but will have to wait to other day.

I will try to post all the process from here to finished illustration.
But can, and will, take some time.

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