Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sparrow Tattoo

My sister is looking to have a second tattoo.
For different reasons, she wants a old fashioned sparrow... but she wants it in a very obvious place, the inner part of her left arm... and that makes the decision harder, because the other tattoo is a butterfly in the back of neck, a place hard to see and easy to hide.

So she wanted a test.
We searched for a reference of what she wanted, and I drawed it in her arm using a black ball point pen.
This is the result:

The flying banner was not in the plan, but I added it because it goes well with the old fashion style.

Here an image to see how it looks in general...

And then, the color.
We changed the banner to a more closed design, using all the arm was just too much.
The stars are also a detail, that at the end was deleted.

The final size is just too big, it need to be 15%-20% smaller, I think, and
is not going to have any text.

Now let's see if she do it at the end!


Anonymous said...

hola, yo soy española y t quiero decir que tus dibujos son fantasticos. sobre el tatuaje de tu hermana a mi me gusta mas el primero, aunque el segundo sin color tambien tiene que ser bien bonito. te quería pedir un favor:si me pudieras diseñar una sirena para tatuarla en la parte exterior del tal forma que parezca que esta nadando, con la cabeza hacia la rodilla y que la cola suba por la cadera...bueno espero tu respuesta t dejo mi mail para ello ok? saludos

rostolaza said...

Beuno, se ve mas como golondrina que como gorrion... pero esta bonito.
A ver cuando se anima la Patt'o...

Nos vidrio

Valaya said...

Hola, Dodo. Paseando por internet, el destino ha querido que me tope con tu blog. "Las vueltas que da la vida", pensé. Antes decía esa frase cuando me encontraba con amigos de hace tiempo de mi isla, pero con las nuevas tecnologías te puede pasar con alguien de cualquier lugar del mundo.

Me siguen encantando tus dibujos, tus pinturas y sobre todo, los viejos enanos de "Drodo", de los que aún guardo alguna foto.

Haz un descanso y tómate una Bugman XXXXXX por los viejos tiempos.

Desde Canarias, España: que Valaya bendiga tus tiradas ( y tus dibujos).

Un abrazo,

{ the Purple Dodo } said...

Hey Dani, te estaba respondiendo largo y tendido, pero parece que ninguno de los emails tuyos que tengo aun es valido. Donde te escribo?

Valaya said...

elcorreodelloco (arroba)


rubybaby said...

i♥ ur drawing and I think it's sweet u did this for ur sister.. it's really nice, has an old skool flair, with a nice touch! i have tattoo's on my wrists- roses (black and white) it's hard to be descreet at work, but i love them!
i have to wear long sleeves everyday, but on those days i get to show off my tats- i'm happy to show them, makes me appreciate having them more and it makes them feel knew each time i can show them off!
post some pics of her final tattoo- i'd love to see if she went through with it and what it looks like..
p.s. thanks for the inspiration, i was looking for something very similar to what you have drawn. seeing it here- helped me to visualize what i want..
take care,

Raúl said...

rubybaby, my sister actually did get through with these tattoo... and with some others.
She is an artist and did a series of pictures, an entire show around the tattoos and the body. Check her blog to see some of all this. Be aware that most of the tattoos she have in the show are NOT real, however she have some new ones, real ones, she did the sparrow, and other stuff... I think she don't have a picture of it, but I'm sure that if you ask, she will be happy to post some.
Her blog, just updated:

And glad you like it!