Friday, September 22, 2006

Mythos: Minotauro WIP

Here is an advance of the Mino.
After some sketching, this is the final -until now- design of it.
I'm doing a nice, non-agressive minotauro.
Actually, my idea is that he is retired, and doing some gardening as a hobby.
And of course what he do is a garden labyrint.
I know he don't have human legs and feet as he is supposed, I kind of like it more like this, more Pan style. Anyway, in the final illustration he is only going to be seen from the waist up, more or less.

Let's see how it ends.


Mostrok said...

Viejo, este si que esta mostro...
el mandil es buen detalle, tal vez algo de herramientas de jardinero... y el laberinto de fondo?

me gusta mucho

el Dodo Purpura said...

Hehehehehehe... asi es exactamente como va a ser!

Patricia Villanueva said...

i likey!.... pero pienso que la cabeza debería ser más grande.... no totémica!... pero más grande... piensa en la ALicia de Tenniel, que tiene la cabeza un pocoi más grande que lo que sería normal.... digo... por lo demás me encantaaaaaaaaaaa

BGOZ said...

Looks good. And the pan legs are a nice touch. I like it.