Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well, I'm very happy of how the mythos serie is going.
Really Happy.

So I think I'll expand it beyond the original plan. You know, the idea was to do some illustrations for Olivia's room...
And still is.
But I think I'll sketch 20 mythical beens, maybe more, and then illustrate a good part of them.
Some are going to my baby's room, and all will be part of a book.

Is hard to say how excited I'm with the idea.

So, a book with one circular illustration per page, one mythical creature, and a little, minimal text telling some of the story.

What do you think?

Now, if this is going to grow, something have to change.
Until now all are greek myths, but I don't like that for a long collection.
So I need to dive in to other cultures, Indi, Chinese, Africa, South America, old Europe.
I have a VERY good book as a reference, but if somebody have suggestions, I'm all ears.

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Mostrok said...

El Amaru y esos bichos Mochicas o Chavines...
Ya sabes, ojo de puma, diente de mono, pies de culebra y estomago de ave...

Sobran ejemplos por ahi...