Monday, August 14, 2006

Mythos / IF: Phoenix

The Phoenix is playing with his immortality... it is real?
There is only one way to know, don't you think?

This is the second mythological animal in a series of six that I'm doing for my daughter's room.
The first was a dragon (look for old post), and now is a phoenix, just bursting in to flames.
Next, a Griphyn!

I'm going for an alphabetical order, but in spanish, that's why it says "fenix" in the drawing.

Hope you like it!


BGOZ said...

really cool. I liked your dragon, and this fenix is cool too. But, I must ask, what about "E" ?


el Dodo Purpura said...

What "E"?
in the phoEnix name?
Or something about the alphabetical order?
Is monday morning here man, don't make me more confused!

Mostrok said...

Hola, esta brutal... me gusta mucho, el detalle del huevo entre las llamas, el remate de las plumas, la sonrisa del fenix... me gusta mucho.

Zara said...

Wonderful design!

luisa brehm said...

yes, great like the other one !!!

BGOZ said...

I meant too say, are you going to try for mythological beasts starting with every letter? Since you went from "D" to "F". You could do something like "Ettin". Just a thought.


Patricia Villanueva said...

ayayayayayyyyy, too late to be your little young sister again?....
looove it like ice cream!

lil kim said...

looks great, lovely design.

Jan said...

wow sooo beautiful and fabulous illustration

el Dodo Purpura said...

Bgoz, nope, not at all.
I'm doing just 6 illos, no more, my daughters room don't have a big enough free wall to do more!
Go back to the main page to see in an older post the list and the order of the beasts.

MiJa said...

This is going to be wonderful! I'm hoppin from foot to foot in anticipation to see your daughters bedroom!