Monday, July 03, 2006

General update

No IF .
No advance in Ketzini...

This has been hard weeks, my baby was sick, I was sick. My caring wife too, luckily not hard.
And now I'm sick again. I have stones in my gallbladder (vesicula), and I had a very strong pain attack on fathers day. It was a nice night, full of pain that ended in the emergency room on the hospital. Half the pain killers didn't work, luckily the other half, the stronger half... half worked. So that week was bad, on home, good part on bed, stoned by the drugs...
Then came this past week... It was better, the painkillers I was taking were so strong that I wasn't felling better at all.... but for the pill. I stopped taking it, and now I'm way better.
Now is just diet and a lot of care of what and how much I eat.
That until I go to the butcher and they take the gallbladder out.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Sol's mother is visiting us, she and her syster is staying with us, and that was good because in the sick days they were of great support.

So boys and girls, not much time to do extra stuff, I had to work at home, but now all looks like back to almost normal.
I'll keep updating the D&U project, is the first that is gona be ready.

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